16 January, 2007

IT Research and Innovation: Preparing the future

IT Research and Innovation provides a framework for an organization to achieve IT objectives through the systematic and sustainable applicatoin of innovative processes and methods. Innovation encompasses everything from product development to process improvement and employee engagement.

To run such initiative, it is important to define an IT Research and Innovation framework describing a flexible, structured process achievable within any organization. A framework helps to tap into human capital and creative potential of the IT department within the context of a focused approach of delivering business value to drive a variety of innovation-related activities: new service development, process improvement/development, new technologies and IT methodologies, the implementation of IT services and systems.

An IT Research & Innovatoin pipeline consists of a new approach to help the IT Department to put innovation into a wider context within the IT organization.

As research progresses, specific areas of an Innovation Pipeline is expanded with the goal of developing a coherernt and consistent framework aimed at achieving strategic IT objectives through the systemic and sustainable application of innovation through an IT department.

Various solutions supporting Innovation as a process do exist and can easily be implemented in any company. As an example: Brightidea.

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Thanks Serge. I wanted to leave more information on on we refer to as Innovation Pipeline Management:

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