15 June, 2007


Many people are interested to understand how does Enterprise Architecture fits with IT Service Management. For the Open Group, I have written a document which has just been published today.

This White Paper considers how the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL) and The Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) can be used together, with a detailed comparison and mapping between the two.


Sjaak Laan said...

Dear Serge,

I have read your paper. Although there are many parallels between ITIL and TOGAF, as you describe, I feel in practice these parallels can not easily be utilised.

My experience is that most modern ITSM tools have few possibilities to include the TOGAF artifacts.

Besides, usually the ITIL organisation is very different from the EA organisation. They have different goals and governance models and work on different hierarchy levels in an organisation.

I am curious if there are examples of organisations that actually merge ITIL and TOGAF as you describe.

Best regards,

Sjaak Laan
TOGAF certified Infrastructure Architect for LogicaCMG

Serge Thorn said...

Dear Sjaak,
many thanks for your useful comments.

I would tend to slightly disagree with some of your comments but obviously this is I hope perfectly fine with you!

I know some companies (and mine..obviously which daily consider these overlaps. We changed the Metamodel of our CMDB to add in a first stage the missing data related to an SOA initiative and at the same time information related to EA. That works pretty fine..and we intend to use data out of the CMDB to feed an EA repository.

You may have seen that Telelogic has a bridge with some CMDBs..Troux Technologies has been integrating Computas Metis for these last 18 months ut have a similar concept of using a kind of ITSM platform to also run EA.

I admit,this is only a start...

Also, in some companies, ITSM is managed by people called "Architects"..I know some people in one of the biggest Swiss Bank who have the responsibility for both EA and ITSM..

This is probably very innovative... but again...Considering SOA...linked to EA...you will obvioulsy have to take into consideration ITSM (see other pots son this blog).

The market is not at that level of maturity and vendors are still looking for market growth..

Being in an IT Governance worlwide team, we are considering the merge of these domains and future will tell us if we were right!

Kind regards

Anonymous said...


Good start...

Are you planning to update your white paper to compare TOGAF and ITIL V3?

My guess is that that would be considerably more feasible.



Serge Thorn said...

For sure. This is in pipeline. There should be additional white paper such as: TOGAF 8.1.1 and ITIL V3 and TOGAF 9 and ITIL V3. For the time being few companies are into V3 and I have agreed with the Open group I will reconsider this Q1 2008.

Kind regards

Anonymous said...

We are implementing ITILv3 and TOGAF9, did you publish the paper about TOGAF and ITILv3 already?

Serge Thorn said...

No yet...It is planed. This is something I need to submit to the Open Group.


Anonymous said...

Hi Serge,

I was wondering if you ever got round to producing the next whitepaper for ITIL 3 & TOGAF 9?
If not what are your thoughts on how the two align?

Serge Thorn said...

Hi Nick,
started but not yet finalised :-)

Best regards

Maarten Brugman said...

Hello Serge, yet another inquiry: any progress on the TOAG9 + ITIL3 whitepaper? Interest from a Dutch Ministry that kind of uses ITIL and is starting to use TOGAF9; TOGAF9 has been chosen by the Dutch interdepartmental CIO office as a standard for EA.

Serge Thorn said...

Hi Maarten, I have worked on a presentation aligning V3 and TOGAF 9. This is something like 70 slides. I have been requested to do some presentations in some companies worldwide. Maybe we can get in touch?

Kind regards