19 July, 2007

Mapping of TOGAF 8.1 with COBIT 4.0

A new white paper has just been releaseed: TOGA and COBIT. This is the mapping of TOGAF 8.1 with COBIT 4.0 By The IT Governance Institute(R) (ITGI(R)).

This document provides a detailed mapping of TOGAF 8.1 with COBIT 4.0 and also contains the classification of the standards discussed in this publication, as presented in the overview document COBIT Mapping:Overview of International IT Guidance, 2nd Edition. This mapping helps enterprise architects and auditors using the COBIT framework to consider the requirements and value-add of The Open Group Architecture Framework(TOGAF) 8.1, and vice versa.

This White Paper is available as two parts in separate documents.

Part I (Doc. No. W072) contains the actual TOGAF 8.1/COBIT 4.0 mapping. The research supporting the mapping is available in Part II (Doc. No.W072A) and consists of the following appendices:

* Appendix 1: Plan and Organize
* Appendix 2: Acquire and Implement
* Appendix 3: Deliver and Support
* Appendix 4: Monitor and Evaluate
* Appendix 5: Harmonization of Terms and Concepts

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