05 October, 2006

CMDB and SOA registries convergence

Without doubt we will see a convergence between Service Desk CMDB’s and SOA Registries and repositories. SOA Governance solutions should cover several features such as (this is not exhaustive) :

- The governance itself (design, deployment, amd the run-time)
- Policies management
- The Service Life cycle Management
o Service Deployment
o Service management and monitoring
o Service publishing
o Service specification
o Service acquisition
o Service assembly
o Service testing
o Service design
o Service integration
o Service build and test
o Service asset management and publishing
- Contract Management
- Impact Management
- The Service Discovery and mediation
- Etc.

But we can foresee more an integration in terms of relationship that a full integrated solutions. In others terms the Service Life Cyle will require a Service to be managed in Service Management terms. A Web service will have incidents, be changed be released etc…

As en example, IBM just announced Websphere Service Registry and Repository. This solution will communicate with Tivoli CCMDB which will manage Changes and Configuration.

HP which acquired Mercury and Peregrine….also acquired Systinet, another SOA Governance solution. All the first 3 vendors have their CMDB, and once eventually integrated, wouldn’t this make sense to have connections between the Systinet Repository and “one of the HP CMDB”?

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Dennis said...

What evidence you you see on CMDB and SOA registry convergence since you posted that prediction about 2 years ago?