24 October, 2006

Is IT Service Management an emerging component of Enterprise Architecture?

There is a high level of correlation between success at Enterprise Architecture and commitment to ITIL. ITIL is a standardized approach and series of documents that are used to aid the implementation of a framework for IT Service Management. This customizable framework defines how ITSM is applied within an organization, covering processes such as service desk management, incident management, problem management, configuration management, change management, and release management among others.

Enterprise architecture consists of the vision, principles, standards and processes that guide the purchase, design and deployment of technology within an enterprise. It describes the interrelationships between business processes, information, applications and underlying infrastructure for that enterprise. Processes such as availability management, change management or release management are just business processes that are particular to IT. So we can think of IT service management as another use case or usage scenario for Enterprise Architecture.

Many frameworks such as FEAF, DODAF, Zachman and TOGAF among others do not yet consider the relationship to Service Management. Any component of architecture has to change, solves a problem, or relates to a set of software and infrastructure. Business Architecture is all about documenting, changing, viewing specific business processe and makes them more efficient. Business Architecture also allows to understand the business impacts of new products introductions or modifications. Products should be delivered as services and be manages by Service Level agreements.

New products also have to consider its availability and its capacity to perform, based on user requirements.

This demonstrates that running an Enterprise Architecture program, has a lot to do with Service Management! Service Management also has a lot to learm from Enterprise Architecture… As an example, the definition of EA Technical Services can help to build departmental IT Service Catalogues related to Customers Service Catalogues.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Serge, I've been musing over the linkages between ITSM and EA lately. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one recognizing a need to link the two. Your encapsulation of ITSM within EA is an interesting one that I will have to explore. Thanks for your post.