21 April, 2009

Keep an eye on OneCMDB and the CMDB Federation

OneCMDB Version 2.0 is a real interesting concept and product as this may be one of the first IT Service Management solution developed in an Open Source mode. It will not replace your Service Desk solution but may help companies with limited budget or companies which have a wide diversity of existing catalogs of assets. It is only covering Configuration Management as a process and in some way IT Assets management. For those who are using Nagios, there exist some connectors.

This has been initially developed by Lokomo Systems using Java but I’m not sure how does that fit with the CMDB Federation Group (I wrote a post on the subject in 2007) if it still exists….(I haven’t seen any indication of activity since January 2008 and maybe this is a dead project…).

In any case, keep an eye on both…


The IT Skeptic said...

To comply with CMDBf all One CMDB has to do is provide a query API as defined by CMDBf, because that's all CMDBf defines. http://www.itskeptic.org/cmdbf-umexplained

i believe CMDBf is still lost in the depths of DMTF, unratified and unmourned

Roy Roebuck's One World said...

Hi Serge:

I agree on the interesting development of OneCMDB. Although it is still rudimentary and the V2 is still operational constrained, it is a technology that can have many uses.

For example, even though the default OneCMDB Configuration Item (CI) datamodel (i.e., metamodel) is designed for ITIL (i.e., IT asset definition and context of asset as its "configuration"), all as the "Configuration Item", there is nothing that inhibits development of another metamodel/datamodel for something outside the ITIL domain, or from extending the CI datamodel.

For me I am considering using OneCMDB for small scale enterprise architectures and terminologies, where what ITIL calls an asset is just a class or type with attributes, what they call a reference is another name for a "relationship", and what they call a configuration item is just another name for an "ontology" or "architecture".

I'm still experimenting.

What are your thoughts on this?

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